Teeth Whitening In Poway, CA

"Where Can I Find The Best Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me?"

At Poway Dental Arts, our teeth whitening dentist in Poway, CA, Dr. Rich, gives patients their best, brightest, most luminous smiles. In-office teeth whitening is a simple and pain-free cosmetic dentistry procedure that has the power to take years off your smile through lightening and stain removal.

woman smiling with her husband after getting her teeth whitened in Poway, CAFor patients who would like a whiter smile during their dental appointment, Dr. Rich offers in-office Smile Perfected. If you would rather whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, we recommend Ultradent’s Opalescence® take-home kit. If you opt for Smile Perfected, the service is simply a $99 investment that can easily be added to your teeth cleaning appointment. It's as easy as that!

How Does In-Office Teeth Whitening Work?

Our in-office professional teeth whitening process is comfortable and simple. If you’re an ideal candidate for professional teeth whitening, our teeth whitening dentist will apply a pre-loaded whitening tray to your smile before activating it with a specially-designed light. The entire process just takes 20 minutes!

Typically, you can expect your teeth to become at least shades whiter during this process! And in most cases, teeth can whiten even more in the 2-3 days following the procedure.

How Does Take-Home Dental Teeth Whitening Work?

If you’re an ideal candidate for Ultradent’s Opalescence take-home teeth whitening kit, Dr. Rich will create customized trays for you to ensure an even application of whitening gel.

Opalescence whitening gel is available in multiple concentrations, but all concentrations will achieve the same brilliant results over time. Following your dental whitening consultation, our teeth whitening dentist will recommend the best fit for you based on your goals and current oral health.

Is In-Office Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

One of the best features of Smile Perfected is that it only takes only 20 minutes to complete! This ultra-effective form of professional whitening is usually ideal for any patient who wants to achieve a whiter smile in a short period of time.

There’s no need to whiten your teeth at home. The convenience of in-office teeth whitening makes it the simple choice for many of our dental patients!

Is Opalescence Take-Home Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

Closeup of woman putting in a teeth whitening tray.

Teeth whitening is generally safe, and most people tolerate it well. If you have intact teeth (no front tooth veneers, caps, or crowns), good oral health, and are not pregnant, at-home teeth whitening may be a great option for you.

Take-home whitening is convenient, allowing you to whiten your smile at your leisure. With your custom trays, you can maintain your results for years to come. We are happy to order refills of whitening gel for you at any time!

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